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8-Jul-2004, 17:19
I have a persistent leak on the film holder insert of my Ansco 8x10 camera back. The same model Ansel Adams used. Can someone tell me where to send it for a reliable repair? How much does it normally cost for a repair job? Thanks.

Todd Wright
8-Jul-2004, 17:38
Try Richard Ritter at www.lg4mat.net. Send him and give him as mush info you have include negatives. Richard is not only a large format repairperson but he uses the cameras. He is probably your best bet.

Alec Jones
8-Jul-2004, 20:14
I agree with Todd. Richard is very good and reasonable as well. That's where I would go [again] should I have such a problem.

David R Munson
8-Jul-2004, 22:14
Ritter has a very good reputation. If you want someone else to fix it, he's probably the man to do it. That said, how are your woodworking skills? Depending on the problem, you might do well to try to figure out how to fix it yourself, even if you decide not to try it and still send it off in the end.

Bruce Barlow
9-Jul-2004, 06:02
Richard is a good friend of mine, and his skills are phenomenal. THat said, unless your woodworking skills are pretty darn good, it's possible to make the situation much worse. Please be careful if you try.

Scott Bacon
9-Jul-2004, 09:30
I'll just add my praise for Mr. Ritter. He not only fixed my Wista to better-than-new working condition, his price was very reasonable and less than I expected, the work was done in a timely manner, and all my communications with him were curteous and informative. I'd suggest calling him before you send your camera to him. He's a very nice guy and offered free advice on how I might fix the problem with my camera myself. In the end, I wasn't comfortable with the level of my woodworking skills, so I sent it off to him. He provided top notch service and I would not hesitate to give him my business again.

9-Jul-2004, 11:07
Wow! Looks like Mr Ritter is the man. I'll make contact with him soon. My woodwork skill is next to zero. Thanks so much for all your help.