View Full Version : Japanese view cameras? More info required...

11-Jul-2013, 06:57
Hello Everyone

I saw a reasonably nice camera with all sorts of bits and bobs but I am curious to know if they are any good?

It has a badge saying HANZA and it looks like ebony or possibly rose wood or a lighter wood stained dark.

The lens has the name "Congo" on it with a focal length of 18.5cm or thereabouts...it looks just a tad too small to be 8x10...lens does f/4.5 to 45.

Anyone know if this is worthwhile?

Jim Jones
11-Jul-2013, 08:18
I'm not familiar with Hanza view cameras, but condition may be more important than brand. Size is also important. If it takes 5x7 or full plate film, it may be less practical than a 4x5 or 8x10.

Steven Tribe
12-Jul-2013, 01:42
Those with full plate cameras are very pleased with both the general format and relative compactness of the cameras. Getting film requires a bit of forward planning. I use the 18x24cm format which is very slightly bigger.
Congo would have standard equipment on Japanese wood cameras of a certain age.
Selection of wood and general joinery is second to none, based on centuries of fine woodwork with items similar to cameras! Bilcliffe in Manchester was also good!