View Full Version : Nikkor T ED 800/1200 and 8x10

8-Jul-2013, 05:42
Have you used this lens on 8x10? From the specs, the lens doesn't quite cover 8x10. What has been your experience? The 800 version may be the only real contender for me.

8-Jul-2013, 06:35
I'd guess as long as you were using it in a studio environment you might get away with it. However you may have vingetting towards infinity focus. Hopefully this helps, but there are others here who will be better qualified to advise.

8-Jul-2013, 07:52
I just have 600 & 800 but without the rear1200.
Hopping to see more information 'bout the lens.

Phil Hudson
8-Jul-2013, 14:46
In the past I've owned and used the Nikon 600mm and 800mm on 8x10 without vignetting. I didn't record the movements I used but I don't recall that coverage was a huge issue in real life used at near infinity. As with all telephotos using front tilts and swings can cause you to run out of coverage very quickly unless you compensate with a bit of rear shift etc.

This is just my recollection - when I later needed to buy another 8x10 telephoto I was offered a Schneider 600/800 which seems to have ample coverage.

Walter Calahan
8-Jul-2013, 16:08
I have this lens with all three rear elements. So long as you shoot straight on without movements you will cover an 8x10 sheet of film with slight vignetting. If you scan the film you can open up the corners to regain any lost detail.