View Full Version : Removing 135mm Xenar from Synchro Compur

Martin Courtenay-Blake
6-Jul-2004, 14:52
I have a Schneider 135mm f 4.7 Xenar in a Synchro Compur P size 0 shutter. The slower speeds are very sluggish and I would like to give the shutter a clean to see if this helps....but....I don't seem to be able to remove either the front or rear lens cells.

The lens is in absolutely beautiful condition so I am reluctant to apply too much pressure trying to remove it in case of causing damage. Any suggestions or should I just adjust for the shutters tardiness?

Martin Courtenay-Blake

Scott Walton
7-Jul-2004, 06:41
I have done a CLA myself on all my lens and it is really pretty simple. First off, get one of those rubber squares. The ones you use to take the top off of a jar. If this lens is new to you, look carefully around the base to see if someone has put some Locktite on the elements. Nothing surprises me anymore! If this isn't the case, with the rubber around the front element, give it a quick and sharp twist. You need to give equal pressure around the whole element and I know it is small but it has to be equal and counter clockwise. Should you not be able to unstick it, put the whole thing in the fridge for about 10 minutes and try again. Should you still not be able to do it, run through the shutter speeds multiple times and maybe you will work what little lube you have left in the lens around the cam inside. Do this about 20 times and see if that helps. You can put a few drops of alcohol (91% iso) in through the slot that the cocking lever is and quickly work the shutter speeds around the dial to work the alcohol around. Bear in mind, this is a temp solution because you need to clean the gunk off the arms inside eventually.