View Full Version : Will a 150 APO Symmar close in a Wista VX?

Otto Seaman
6-Jul-2013, 06:02
Wondering if my 150 Schneider APO-Symmar lens in a Copal 0 will allow a Wista VX to close with the lens mounted?

Anything special required, like reverse mounting or no lens caps?

I've read that the Rodenstocks will but the Schneiders have slightly larger front elements (58mm filter thread).

AJ Edmondson
6-Jul-2013, 07:01
No... I seem to recall that it also wouldn't close with the lens board reversed (but it has been several years so my memory may be at fault here). The lens barrel is too large to fit between the tracks - it is a pretty close fit even with the older Fuji 135mm!