View Full Version : Any Canham Light Weight 8x10 operation & care tips?

5-Jul-2013, 12:11
I just bought a second hand one and I wonder if anyone has any tips on its care and use. It has no markings to align/center the standards. I can do most by feel except for the height of the front. How do you manage that? Do you periodically use minwax or some kind of oil on the wood?


Gem Singer
5-Jul-2013, 12:26

You can call Keith Canham and get his expert advice. Keith's cell phone # is listed on his website www.canhamcameras.com.

He will be happy to answer your questions, even though you purchased a previously owned camera.

Louis Pacilla
6-Jul-2013, 11:51
I own a 8x10 Canham Standard Wood & I have also owned The Wood 11x14 and also 12x20 and they have all had a dry finish that seems to be treated but not with any type of oily or waxy product and they pretty much run dry. In other words there not much more to do then to keep it clean and dry wipe it down w/ a barely damp rag then dry with soft towel and also make sure all the O rings and nylon washers they used get replaced every few years.Other then that I can't think of anything else you would have to do to take care your 8x10 Canham L W Wood .

Andrew O'Neill
6-Jul-2013, 12:24
I've been using the light weight version since 2001. I wouldn't worry about it not having centring indicators on the standards. What bothers me is the extremely limp bellows. I almost always have to use clips to pull the bellows taut. Occasionally I apply bicycle chain oil (ice wax) to the sliding bits. Makes a huge difference.

6-Jul-2013, 14:15
I found out today the finish on the wood is water soluble. I'll call Keith Monday and see what I can do to fix what I did. I thought I would try my new camera and lens out today at a local waterfall. Didn't get a chance to use it. I slipped on some rocks and slid down them head first into a waist deep pool. Total immersion. Didn't break anything. The camera was pretty wet and I see water marks on the finnish. My new lens didn't get wet fortunately. It's mostly dry now except for a few drops of water between the frenzel and ground glass.

6-Jul-2013, 23:08
Sorry to hear that. What bad luck on your first outing with the new camera. Kinda hard to be agile lugging an 8x10 around.

arthur berger
7-Jul-2013, 07:17
Keith told me to use Watco Danish oil on the wood periodically. Use the one in "natural" color. You rub it on with a soft cloth and let it sit for a few minutes and then rub it off with a dry soft cloth. I do this to my smaller Canhm woodie every now and then. Good luck.

Gem Singer
7-Jul-2013, 08:49

The Fresnel and the ground glass are one piece. There is a separate cover glass.

The water is trapped between the Fresnel and the cover glass.

Remove the entire focusing screen, and dry it out.

You will need the proper sized Allen wrench.