View Full Version : Compatibility of metal field cameras and C-2N roll film holder

Tom Hieb
5-Jul-2004, 17:23
I am interested in getting a metal field camera. Looking at the specs, I see several that would work for me. In particular, I like the Wista’s, Toyo’s and Horseman, in that order. However, there is nowhere nearby where I can go to try any of these cameras. Can anybody tell me if I will be able to use my Calumet C-2N 6x9 roll film holders with these cameras? They all seem to have wings or other protuberances on the back (do these things have a name?) that would keep the holder from seating properly. This is the case with a Crown Graphic that I have. (I fixed it by grinding down one of the wings - something I don‘t want to do with a new camera.) Thanks for your help!

Scott Soper
5-Jul-2004, 18:42
I've used a C-2N with my Toyo 45A, no problems.

Gregory Owens
5-Jul-2004, 21:23

The "wings or other protuberances" on the backs of the cameras you mentioned probably means they are equipped with a "Graflok" back. The C-2n will work with "Graflok" backs as well as sliding it in like a regular cut sheet film holder. After focusing simply remove the ground glass frame and lock in the C-2n. It is also possible to use the Polaroid 545 back in the same manner.



11-Jul-2004, 07:40
Tom, I have a Horseman 45/FA and used the C-2N holders 6x7 and 6x9 without a problem. When you slide in the holder it hits the back, and then you have to open the back more in order for the holder to go in the rest of the way and seat. I then would set the slide locks for good measure. The camera back does stick out quite a bit on the side that the holder inserts due to the fat part of the holder where the film rolls are. I wouldn't leave the lolder in the camera back any longer than necessary so that I didn't stress anything.

I tried the Toyo holder once, and sold it because it is really thick all the way across the back, and I couldn't access the winder while it was inserted.