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Annie M.
5-Jul-2004, 15:18
Could some kind soul please enlighten me as to the nature of the shutter of this item on eBay..


I can't seem to figure out how one sets aperture and speed settings.... there does not appear to be the usual numeric scales. I even caught myself craning my neck to see if I could peek around the side of the shutter and see them.... Your assistance would be sincerly appreciated.....

Annie M.
5-Jul-2004, 15:24
I'm hopeless I can't even do the link thing.... it is item 3824769826

Bob Salomon
5-Jul-2004, 15:37
The lever with the red arrow sets the aperture. The knurled outer ring sets the shutter speed. The grey lever cocks the shutter.

That shutter looks newer then the lens so you would want to have a qualified service center check the whole thing out.

5-Jul-2004, 15:37
Annie, The scales are on the side hidden from view. You might ask the seller to email you another picture showing this detail to ease your mind. Good Luck....

Annie M.
5-Jul-2004, 22:39
Thanks for you help!..... I am used to my Copals with the scales on both sides so it looked odd... although the various levers did look familiar.... for all I know they could have been decorative : ) I assume the other lever is for viewing.

Cheers, Annie.