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4-Jul-2004, 20:45
Probably not the right forum, but... I just found this link on location tintype work, thought it might be interesting.


By the way, just love the trailer.

Apologies if this has already been listed. -- Otzi

Jorge Gasteazoro
4-Jul-2004, 21:10
Hey, that was pretty cool......I wish he had shown how he sensitizes the plate, but overall the little video is great.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Jul-2004, 22:16
while it is a bit off the map for many, there are a number of photographers at civil war reenactments and other sorts of "living history" events who make tintypes and ambrotypes without the fancy trailer. It is certainly worth attending one of these events purely to watch these guys function.

Neil Miller
5-Jul-2004, 04:27
Fantastic link Otzi - thanks!

David G. Gagnon
5-Jul-2004, 13:08
Thanks for sharing this link, Otzi. I really enjoyed watching the video. Now I've seen something else I'd like to try. I'll have to find a good book on the process, though, concerning equipment, chemicals, and the plates.

Thanks again!


Christian Olivet
5-Jul-2004, 21:04
Wonderful video. It was amazing to see the image come from negative to positive out there in the sun. Almost like a very involved polaroidtype.

5-Jul-2004, 21:42
Thanks for the link!! I have to give tintype a try.. after watching the video did some goole search and came up with this site http://www.collodion-artist.com/ some great photography in there.

David R Munson
5-Jul-2004, 23:57
Very cool stuff.

6-Jul-2004, 08:58
here's another site to try:


fwiw, I've bumped into a couple of these folks at work (work for a museum) & we hired one of them to do a demo at a history camp one year. Just like reenactors in general, there's an entire subculture of them almost. Some of the photographers are pretty hard-core like some rennactors can be as well. The attention to detail and historical accuracy can be pretty amazing. Worth checking them out sometime if you get the chance.

Sidney Cammeresi
7-Jul-2004, 16:29
Is the iron plate integral to the tintype process, or could you get something different but similar by fixing film in KCN?

Christian Olivet
10-Jul-2004, 19:01
I just found a company called Rockaloid that sells kits to make tintypes. Has any one used this kit ? Does it perform well enough to have some fun with it or is it better to mix one's own chemistry? The fact that the plates are black anodized and ready to go seems like a great benefit. Any opinions?