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Reinhold Schable
2-Jul-2013, 18:20
A few days ago I was asked to suggest a focal length for portraits using an 11x14 camera.

Quite a discussion ensued about traditional lens-to-film ratios for various applications and how each photographer envisions his/her subject matter, and how focal lengths influence that vision.

As usual, comparisons with 35mm camera lens ratios were proffered. (24mm = wide angle, 50mm = normal, etc.). Medium format folks do similar comparisons (43mm = wide angle, 80~125mm = short ~long normal, etc.). A newcomer to large format may find themself disoriented by the wide variety of film formats.

A few years ago I found a nomograph published by Kodak on equivalent focal lengths for large format cameras. I interpolated the data in a "pie chart" graphic to simplify the subject. You may find it useful.

By coincidence, post #9 here discusses the same thing:


Reinhold Schable
2-Jul-2013, 18:31
Go ahead, laugh about my spelling ("foacal").
Just wait until you get old, blind, and dyslexic...


Steven Tribe
3-Jul-2013, 00:24
I think you have been smitten by the new member "fecaleagle". A more disgusting pseudonym is hard to imagine. Good he doesn't use the avatar he uses on other websites!
A very useful chart.

3-Jul-2013, 02:40
Go ahead, laugh about my spelling ("foacal").
Just wait until you get old, blind, and dyslexic...


Some of us are half way there :P

C. D. Keth
3-Jul-2013, 10:09
That's a very information packed, elegant way to display things. I think it's slower to use than a standard type chart but it explains the principal better for newer photographers.

3-Jul-2013, 11:01
Nice rendering in a compact and easy-to-understand diagram; well done, Reinhold.

Ron Stowell
3-Jul-2013, 13:30
I'm there already.