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1-Jul-2013, 10:51
I know this has been covered ad nauseum, but can't seem to find the relevant threads when searching the forum.

Where can I get a rangefinder cam made for 150/2.8 Xenotar and Tech V?


Bob Salomon
1-Jul-2013, 10:58
In the USA, right this minute, no where. In two months Bob Watkins of Precision Camera outside Chicago will be doing it after he returns from the factory where he will receive training.

Since you are searching posts you will eventually find Marflex Service. Unfortunately the owner of Marflex died on March 3rd and Marflex is now out of business so don't follow that path.

karl french
1-Jul-2013, 11:00
I was under the impression that Richard Ritter is making Technika rangefinder cams.

1-Jul-2013, 11:10
Thanks for the update Bob. I did read the sad news about the owner of Marflex.

David A. Goldfarb
1-Jul-2013, 14:02
Very sorry to hear about Martin's passing. My condolences to his family.

5-Jul-2013, 16:40
And in Europe, where to go?

Bob Salomon
6-Jul-2013, 02:05
And in Europe, where to go?

Linhof's web site