View Full Version : Linhof filter factors?

4-Jul-2004, 12:49
Trying to fit filters to a large variety of LF lenses drives me crazy (at times). I just solved part of the problem by buying a set of used Linhof 70mm slip-in filters for the clamp-on hood, which fits my 90, 135, 180, 240, and 360mm Schneider lenses. There are Orange, Red#1, Yellow#2, and Green#2. Does anyone have a list of the filter factors? TIA.

Bob Salomon
4-Jul-2004, 13:04

I can mail or fax them to you. Or, as they are Heliopan filters, you can look on the Heliopan ewb site for the factors for the same filters in screw-in mounts. However the site is in German.

4-Jul-2004, 13:16
Thanks, Bob. Got it.