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Brian Ellis
3-Jul-2004, 08:20
Does anyone here use an 80mm lens (mine is a Super Symmar XL if that matters) on a Technika 4x5 camera (IV, V, or Classic Master)? If so, have you found it necessary to use a recessed lens board? I've been playing around with my lens on a Classic Master and it seems like it will work fine with a flat board and the top rail pushed all the way to the back of the camera. However, I remember Bob Salomon saying here that a recessed board should always be used with a 90mm or shorter lens on Technikas. I used a flat board with a 90mm lens on my former Technika V and it worked fine but I thought maybe the advice was valid with an 80mm lens. If you use a recessed board, do you also have to use the special angled cable release and if so, where do you get them and what do they cost?

My normal practice is to spend the money first and ask questions later but I just looked at the cost of recessed lens boards, even the generic ones much less the Linhof ones, and thought asking first might be advisable in this instance.

ronald moravec
3-Jul-2004, 08:52
Not a Technika owner, but just put it on the camera. If it focus to infinity you are ok, unless you need coverage too. My guess is the bellows will be compressed too much for movement and the cures are off center hole, bag bellows, recessed board, sell lens, new camera.

Extend the lens 1 inch from infinity and check the amount of movement you can get. That will be approximately the amount you will gain with a recessed board.

Bob Salomon
3-Jul-2004, 09:49
The Linhof 001016 lensboard has a 16mm recess. This is the board for all 90 and 72/75mm lenses in 0 shutter. The board for a 45/47mm on a TK is a 21mm recess.

There is no 1" recessed Technika board.

Peter Moser
3-Jul-2004, 11:36
I recently ordered a super symmar 80XL for my master technika 2000 - had it two days after here in Switzerland, thanks to robertwhite.co.uk, and its excellent service. Now, one of the advantages of a recessed lensboard (10016) seems to me that you can leave the lens mounted while closing the box - but just so. It is, for instance, not a good idea to have infinity stops on the rail in the wrong place: try to close the front lid, and they will touch the front rim of the lens if installed at or near its maximum circumference. The SS 80 XL thus makes for an excellent modern wide angle lens suitable for the backpacker, interested in a quick and hassle-free setup of a technika camera. (Just don't forget to use it with a few millimeters of front rise - or else the front end of the rail will show at the bottom of a normal 4X5 frame)

Armin Seeholzer
3-Jul-2004, 12:41
Hi Peter

Thats why Horseman FA, HD, HF and Linhofs Technikas can trop the bed and then you go back to vertikal position with the lensboard! Bist Du zufrieden mit der Master Technika? Sollte ich nähmlich mal wirklich zu viel Geld auf der hohlen Kante haben dann möchte ich mir die Master Technika auch noch zulegen!

Sergio Caetano
3-Jul-2004, 16:03

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Andre Noble
3-Jul-2004, 17:56
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adrian tyler
6-Jul-2004, 01:51
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adrian tyler
6-Jul-2004, 02:06
hi brian

i use this lens on a master tech with a recesed board and as mentioned before folds into the box. i got the linhof board used so it didn't sting too much, the only quirk with the linhof is the built in bespoke cable release connector, requiring a special adaptor for your cable release. gepe make a smart recesed board cable extension, hp marketing import them.

more info


Frank Petronio
6-Jul-2004, 06:36
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Bob Salomon
6-Jul-2004, 08:19
The latest, official, factory listing for the 80mm on either the Technika Classic or the Technika 2000 is to mount it on the 001047 recessed lens board.

The 001047 has a 6mm recess.

Brian Ellis
8-Jul-2004, 21:01
Thanks Bob but now I'm totally confused. In your first message you referred to two boards, one with a 16mm recess and the other with a 21mm recess. In this second message you refer to a board with a 6mm recess. Was that a typo, did you mean 16mm, or is there yet a third board with a 6mm recess?

Bob Salomon
9-Jul-2004, 02:34
There are 4 Technika recessed boards. 6, 12, 16 and 21mm recess.

Bob Salomon
9-Jul-2004, 07:03
"6, 12, 16 and 21mm recess"

Change that to 6, 10, 12 1nd 21mm recess.