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30-Jun-2013, 07:33

I shot four sheets of 8x10 on my KMV, all with my back to the sun; here are three of them.

Two sheets were shot with a T-R convertible (#1 and #3), and two with a KCE 12" (the middle photo).

All four exposures resulted in a spiky light protrusion on the lower left hand side.

I have checked the gap between film holder and camera, as well as all of the film holders and the dark slides.

These are straight scans.

Any clue as to what this is? What does it look like to you?

Thanks in advance

ps-I used too much Photo-Flo, that's where the spots come from.

30-Jun-2013, 08:14
Maybe a tiny pinhole in the bellows, it's obviously not the holders/lenses and it's in the same place. They can be tricky to spot, I found the source of a light leak in one camera by setting off a flashgun inside the camera in the darkroom covering the lens board area, the owner had tried a torch inside but nothing showed up.

Try putting your darkcloth over the bellows.


30-Jun-2013, 09:20
Hi Ian,

Thanks; I checked the bellows and found a few pinholes.

Would such a leak show up so consistently if it were a pinhole?

Given that I have a few, why would the leak show up in the same place?

Thanks again.

thomas ciulei
30-Jun-2013, 12:44
Hi Ari,
thats for sure a bellows pinhole, probably close to the back of the camera.

30-Jun-2013, 12:56
Thank you, Thomas.

I'm in the process of patching the many pinholes on the bellows, and I've already ordered a new set from Rudy (ecbuyonline on eBay).

1-Jul-2013, 08:43
It's one pinhole in a fold that's in about the same place on those shots you posted, the others may be shielded from the film surface at that degree of extension so have littel or no effect.


1-Jul-2013, 09:33
I did a thorough repair last night, and found roughly 30 pinholes (!).
These last photos used more extension than I've ever used previously on this camera, thus exposing some holes that were in the folds and went unseen.
The bellows looks really beat-up right now, but I think I've repaired everything well enough, so I'll continue shooting with it until the replacement arrives.

Thanks for all your help and insights.

1-Jul-2013, 09:48
I'm pretty sure that is light from a wormhole connecting to a parallel universe! Move away from that spot.

1-Jul-2013, 09:50
I'm pretty sure that is light from a wormhole connecting to a parallel universe! Move away from that spot.

This can't be good, what with my interest in anti-matter and such...