View Full Version : Goerz filter thread size help please?

Peter Spangenberg
29-Jun-2013, 17:18
I would appreciate any knowledge on filter sizes for a few of my lenses that I'd like to fit with a Lee system. I can measure, but am worried it won't be precise for odd sizes, so I figured I'd see if anyone might readily know. All lenses have threads
The lenses are:

CP Goerz Am Opt Co 9 1/2" Gold Rim Dagor 8089xx
CP Goerz Am Opt Co 12" Gold Dot Dagor 8134xx
Goerz Optical Co Inc (Schneider) 14" Red Dot Artar 8407xx
CP Goerz Am Opt Co 19" Red Dot Artar 8045xx (threads are beveled, and may not work)
CP Goerz Am Opt Co 24" Red Dot Artar 7988xx

Any help will be Greatly appreciated.

29-Jun-2013, 21:50
All of my Goerz lenses take slip-on series filters, not screw-in.

Keith Fleming
29-Jun-2013, 22:24
I have a couple of those lenses, and what worked for me was to send them to S. K. Grimes for filter adapters--and each required a different adapter. My preference was to have all the lenses for my 8X10 for 67 mm filters. S. K. Grimes can make any adapters you prefer. It won't be cheap.


Keith Fleming
29-Jun-2013, 22:27
I forgot to add that the Schneider Dagor takes a 60 mm filter.