View Full Version : Candle wax, furniture polish...camera maintenance.

David Kashuba
2-Jul-2004, 21:26
What is your preferred lubricant/coating for wooden camera parts? Thanks.

John Kasaian
2-Jul-2004, 21:56
Butcher's wax. AFAIK its not distributed on the west coast so I have mine smuggled in from the mysterious east.

David R Munson
2-Jul-2004, 21:56
I've found beeswax to work quite well where wood slides on wood.

John Cook
3-Jul-2004, 05:36
Should you decide upon Butcher’s paste floor wax from your local ACE Hardware, look for their Boston Polish, which is the same thing with brown pigment added. It won’t dry white in the open grain of oak and mahogany.

The British are known for their antique pine furniture finished only with high-grade waxes. Norm Abrams has done numerous tv shows on the subject. One of these waxes is Briwax, available in many shades from Woodcraft: http://shop.woodcraft.com/Woodcraft/search_results.asp?find_spec=BRIWAX&searchtype=AND&mscssid=&Gift=&GiftID=

Lee Valley also sells fine furniture waxes. Have a look around their website: http://www.leevalley.com/home/search.asp?SID=7181D0EDFF&ccurrency=2&pageGroup=1

One of my favorites (also excellent for film holder slides to avoid tugging) is Meguiar’s Hi-Tech Yellow Wax 26. It also will not dry white in wood pores nor on flat black plastic trim. It is sold in both liquid and paste. Available in your local auto parts store or online at: meguiars.com

John Kasaian
3-Jul-2004, 09:26
For lubricating wood to wood surfaces, I was given (blessed with?) a stash of pure beeswax candle nubs from the chapel at a hospital where I volunteer one hour a week. I've got enough of these to last an eternity;-)------Cheers!