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28-Jun-2013, 01:19
Hi there!

I have stumbled on yet another problem with my DIY 4x5 folder project. I, of course, need film holders for the camera and I do have my eye on some auctions on British and German eBay, but the history has shown that the prices reach astronomical proportions quite soon due to auction madness - you know what I am talking about. The ULTRA RARE VINTAGE LISCO FIDELITY ELITE 4x5 8x10 FILM HOLDER CAMERA NICE!!! kind of auctions. Some serious auctions out there too but the competition is high. Now, I am willing to wait and keep my eye on things for a while but I was wondering - are there any other sources in the Europe for 4x5 holders? American 'bay and stores are sort-of out of the question since the shipping costs an arm and a leg a lot of times.
Sorry for being so clueless, I am new to LF and trying to figure out a thing or two.

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28-Jun-2013, 01:33
Yes, many:

Silverprint UK has a Toyo 4x5 filmholder

28-Jun-2013, 01:34
Over the past 5 or 6 years I've built up quite a good stock of 5x4 DDS (film holders), I needed a second set to leave in Turkey. I pay around 2 pounds each for them, beware there are at least 2 UK ebay sellers monopolising the UK listings for LF accessories at very high prices.

Peter Walnes (http://www.peterwalnes.com/‎) sells good DDS for around 5 each if you buy a few, you need to call him or watch his website for updates.

If you have no luck contact me in about 3 weeks and I'll see what I have spare.


Steven Tribe
28-Jun-2013, 01:40
Yes, all ancillary equipment needed to get a complete LF set working seem to have become both more uncommon and more expensive. One way of getting hold of film holders is to purchase a complete standard 4x5 set (typically Norma/Cambo) and sell of the unwanted parts ( Sinar/Copal shutter, lenses and camera) and keep the set of 6 (or 12?) holders that you want. I hate to say this, but this does sometimes lead to a profit, rather than a expenditure, on getting wanted items! But then you have had the bother of storage, advertising and packaging.

28-Jun-2013, 01:49
Allright, I'll contact mr. Walnes and see what he has to offer! Thanks!
You are right about the monopolising of listings. 50 quid for 2 Liscos is just ridiculous.

28-Jun-2013, 05:44
Allright, I'll contact mr. Walnes and see what he has to offer! Thanks!
You are right about the monopolising of listings. 50 quid for 2 Liscos is just ridiculous.

If you think that's bad some UK sellers have tatty secondhand MPP lens boards for sale to fit the MicroPress @ 49 but you can buy them new for 10.49 (or 25.62 for 3) after all the camera's a Pacemaker Graphic in a British casing (made by Clestion speakers). I'm not sure why Ebay calls these rogues "Top rated seller".


28-Jun-2013, 09:42
I have pretty much given up on eBay. Some smaller items come cheap but anything useful...
Anyway, I got a good offer from Peter Walnes, thank you Ian for letting me know!

Pete Watkins
28-Jun-2013, 11:33
Don't even consider MPP holders there might be registration problems.

28-Jun-2013, 11:39
Another place in the UK is Ffordes http://www.ffordes.com/category/Large_Format/Panoramic/Roll_Film_Holders/Magazines but they are about 10 each.
There is also Mr Cad http://www.mrcad.co.uk/CarouselProductView.ink?Row_ID=507804&pcode=SKU7732 but they want 15 each.


28-Jun-2013, 12:38
I got 4 Fidelitys and one Riteway for 45 quid shipped. About 4 times cheaper than on the 'bay.
Now the next problem is that I had the audacity to order the hardware and bellows donor from Rockycamera. Needless to say, the bellows are nothing but pinholes...major setback for me :( decently priced folding camera bellows are scarce...

bob carnie
28-Jun-2013, 12:49
Try phoning commercial photographers in your area, those who shot food or still life or architecture. Concentrate on those who were active in the 80's and 90,s. They have mostly switched to digital and you should be able to get some really good deals.

Bob Salomon
28-Jun-2013, 13:43
Linhof sells 45 holders.

Pascal Gineste
28-Jun-2013, 20:11
Don't five up on ebay yet: I got my first set of Fidelity Elite from Germany, excellent condition, no leaks, 4 for 81 € including shipping. A second set of 10 Riteways (the older, sturdy ones I understand) is on its way, 40$ + as much for shipping to Belgium with my forwarding service. This all beats the new two units I saw at a photo shop here for 98 € ...

29-Jun-2013, 01:26

For 6 quid a pop and no hassling with auctions, this seems like the go-to place for Europeans. Peter was quick to reply to any questions and I am waiting for them to arrive now.

29-Jun-2013, 04:59
Peter's prices are usually quite fair and items well described. I bought a lens off him one and it was excellent.


29-Jun-2013, 08:26
Peter will always sort any problems without any hassle too.

3-Jul-2013, 05:03
Calumetphoto.de sells new ones for some EUR67. You may also try local auction portals (like allegro.pl, aukro.cz) and 'classified' sections on photography portals (korex.pl, paladix.cz or temnakomora.cz).

8-Jul-2013, 06:44
I just picked up the package mr. Walnes sent me. The holders are used and it shows but they are perfectly intact, no other "damage" besides some writings on them. 6GBP apiece, it's a steal!

Pascal Gineste
9-Jul-2013, 00:24
Nice buy. Thanks for the info on Mr Walnes, I could buy circular polariser filters for my rangefinder from him, excellent and quick service.