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Kalpesh Lathigra
2-Jul-2004, 17:37

I have just bought my first 5x4 camera ( I shoot mostly on 35mm and 6x6), I have a MPP which has an international back. I want to get a 6x9 roll film holder , does anybody know if a graflex 6x9 rfh would do the job, or any other suggestions



Ernest Purdum
2-Jul-2004, 17:51
A Graflex holder for 4X5 cameras would fit, except those which were made for use on Graflex SLR cameras. These holders, however, have been the subject of quite a few complaints regarding film flatness. If you go to the top of the page and search for rollfilm holders or rollfilm holders, you will find several pertinent threads, I think.

Congratulations on your purchase and my hopes that you will find using it very rewarding.

Dan Fromm
2-Jul-2004, 18:35
MPP made roll holders, you might look for one of them.

If you look for a Graflex-made holder, try to get a modern one. Lever wind; named RH-8 for 2.25" x 3.25", RH-10 for 2.25" x 2.75", RH-12 for 2.25" x 2.25"; with a pin roller on each side of the gate. These rollers are part of the shell, not the film carriage. Film carriages interchange between shells so you may find a knob-wind carrier in a modern shell with pin rollers. If you do, it should be about as good as a lever wind one in a modern shell.

When Singer shut Graflex down, they sold the roll holder tooling to a company named SubSea. SubSea stood out for complete absence of quality control. If offered a SubSea-Graflex roll holder, decline.

Cheers, enjoy your new camera,


Kalpesh Lathigra
3-Jul-2004, 07:13
Thanks Dan and Earnest,

Appreciate the help


Dan Fromm
3-Jul-2004, 07:29
Oops! Small memory failure. The RH-8's gate is 2.25" x 3.0625". The pin rollers, which are supposed to improve film flatness, take up some of the space.



Tim Gurney
4-Jul-2004, 04:49

After sometime pondering I have also just purchased a MPP, the VII version. Which one is yours?

I intend to do both 5x4 & roll film, what has to be purchsed to hake the camera work with Roll Film.

I understand that the back is international (? does that mean) so guess it needs an international roll film back, or do I have to have a plate that then hold the roll film back?

How do I frame & focus ?

Would appreciate any contributions.


Kalpesh Lathigra
5-Jul-2004, 01:23
Dear Tim,

I think I have the same MPP as yours but I am in the same position as you in terms of the ins and outs of the camera, but I think largeformat photography as a complete page on cameras , look at top menu

best of luck


Ernest Purdum
5-Jul-2004, 10:17
Tim,The "International" back is one which allows the groundglass frame to be readily removed, by pressing on the spring-loaded levers and pulling back on them, and which has two sliding clips which will hold a thick film holder in place. It is also called "Graflok". the tradename of the original maker.

If your back is the International type, you can use any of the rollfilm backs made for 4X5 cameras by several manufacturers. No adapters are used.

If you have a spring back (one in which there is no convenient way to remove the groundglass frame) you can only use thin holders such as those sold by Calumet.

To compose and focus, you need to make or buy a template or mask to show the limits of the rollfilm format size (usually 6x7 or 6x9cm). Templates of this sort are regularly sold on eBay. You focus and compose on the groundglass before removing it.

Tim Gurney
11-Jul-2004, 15:00
Thanks that seems to make sense, so a wista rollfilm back will fit.