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Drew Bedo
27-Jun-2013, 05:42

I haven't been very active since the last LF photo lab closed here in Houston around 2010. I can still get 4x5 processed by a n other lab here, but not enlarged . . .no one prints from negatives to photo paper in Houston any more.

I have had prints made up one or two at a time, but now need to have 20 or more done of individual images. I am finding that getting an 11x14 printed has gone up to $50-$60 each. Is this the current norm?

Lately I paid ~$60 for 20 sheets of Velvia at a local retail shop.
My lab charged me about that to process them.

Is there anywhere besides Sam's Club to get an 11x14 for less than the cost of lunch for two?

27-Jun-2013, 06:41

Have you dealt with Aker labs or used to be AZ labs. I have used them for film processing only but thought they provided custom printing. I can see where a one-off custom B&W 11x14 would be a very nice lunch for two.


rich caramadre
27-Jun-2013, 07:03
Are you looking for color or B&W prints?

27-Jun-2013, 07:07
you say no one prints from negatives anymore, then you mention the cost of velvia, then sam's club (which does not do analog printing).
Do you want lightjets or traditional prints?
aspencreekphoto is very reasonable for file to fuji crystal archive prints.

rich caramadre
27-Jun-2013, 07:10
If you are looking for color prints, there is a lab here in Salt Lake (replicolor.com) that charges $9.24 for fuji flex prints and $5.40 for glossy or luster.

Drew Bedo
28-Jun-2013, 15:51
TXFZ1: Acer does my film processing at ~!$3.00 per sheet for both B&W and E-6.
They want a pile scan one neg and over $30 for an 11x14 inkjet print.

Rich: Thanks for the info on printing in Salt Lake . . .its a maybe.

Vinny: The last lab that would enlarge from a negative here in Houston was Hot Flash in Bellair. They closed in 2010 and had to pay someone to take their 10x10 ewnlarger away.

Randy Moe
28-Jun-2013, 20:48

Richard M. Coda
28-Jun-2013, 22:05
For color, you can't beat Aspen Creek... they are the same company (same equipment) as West Coast Imaging. They also print B&W inkjets that look quite nice.

29-Jun-2013, 08:58
I can print 8X10 through 20X24 from negatives 4X5 and smaller. Only color I do is Ilfochrome. Mostly I print b/w. If you want, feel free to email me at lightwisps@yahoo.com. Thanks, Don

Drew Bedo
12-Jul-2013, 17:34
I just got back a few prints from ProDPI in Denver; both color and B&W look great to me . . .and the cost seems reasonable.