View Full Version : Layton's new aluminium camera

tim atherton
1-Jul-2004, 17:55
CAD drawigns of the new Layton 45A


Wonder if it's going to be more practical than the (to me odd looking) wooden original?


1-Jul-2004, 17:59
Looks pretty good!

David R Munson
1-Jul-2004, 18:34
Awesome! Funny, though, how at a time when many people continue to announce the supposedly oncoming death of film, in ways times have never been better for film-based large format photography.

Dan Fromm
1-Jul-2004, 18:49
David, niche products supported by fringe individuals linger on long after most people expected them to die. For example, 8 mm, as in regular 8 or 8/8, and 9.5 mm motion pictures. The major sheet film sizes and their uses aren't THAT ready to die yet. It isn't time for them to survive against the apparent odds and confound expectations.



Steve Hamley
3-Jul-2004, 16:16
I'll reitierate a comment that both Keith canham and Jim at Midwest have told me, paraphrased as "I can't keep 8x10 and larger cameras on the shelf".

A good sign because those cameras take film. Except mine of course, it's rained for 5 weeks straight here in the Tennessee valley. It really cuts down on your photography costs though.