View Full Version : Looking for a wide angle lens for this camera.

alex from holland
26-Jun-2013, 00:46
Hi all,

I recently bought this camera:

Now I am looking for a wide angle lens which covers this large size.
But I really don't know what to look for.
any suggestions?



26-Jun-2013, 02:26
May be an Hypergon would be great....90 or 120mm.

Steven Tribe
26-Jun-2013, 03:18
Very interesting camera, Alex. Obviously a special order by a maker who had years of experience with the more normal sizes of reisekamera (24x30cm, 30x40cm etc.). The real size is 30x60cm, perhaps?

alex from holland
26-Jun-2013, 03:49
Hi Steven,

yes it is a 30x60 camera. I know Lorillon made panorama camera's but wasn't aware they made this size also
Unfortunately the previous owner sold the lens separately...
restoring it right now as I want to use it for wet plate. Love the size.


Dan Fromm
26-Jun-2013, 05:50
Hmm. 30 x 60 cm. 670 mm diagonal. Wide angle. 90 degrees, 335 mm. 85 degrees, 365 mm. There are Protars that will do. $$$$$

Tav Walraven
26-Jun-2013, 09:43

I have a Lotus 12x20 and my 355 G-Claron covers nicely for WIDE views. I also have a Nikkor Q 450mm f9 that covers. Both are in Copal #3's.

Also, I am sending you a PM.