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Kirk Gittings
1-Jul-2004, 12:44
This is probably one of the oddest leads to a thread ever posted here.

If you have ever wanted to see me naked (I would have to question your sanity if you answered yes), come to an opening August 3rd in San Francisco. The work of my friend and former assistant Alan Labb (now a professor at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago) is showing at Camerawork in SF in a group show entitled Body Building. My naked body is the subject matter. Or to be exact like half of my body digitally merged with a young japanese girls other half. The work is large digital prints from scanned 4x5's, very beautifully seen and printed in an offbeat kind of way. I am probably going to the opening if you want to say Hi.


August 3 - September 4

Special Evening Reception: Tuesday, August 3, 2004, 5-8pm

Cameraworks Gallery SF http://www.sfcamerawork.org/

Paul Paletti
1-Jul-2004, 15:10
Which half will be the young Japanese girl's?

David R Munson
1-Jul-2004, 18:38
No way I can make it to San Fran. That said - I am currently living in Chicago. Any chance he has some of his work up somewhere here in Chi Town?

Kirk Gittings
2-Jul-2004, 14:30
Paul, Nice to know you are out there listening. I'm not totally sure which images he will be showing but I think it is my lower half and maybe one composite of myself.

David, Alan will also be showing at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago. He has a show coming up there too I think in the spring.

Richard Fenner
2-Jul-2004, 14:36
You realise this is currently followed by the 'I'm excited!' thread. Some people could really get the wrong impression!