View Full Version : B/W developing with Jobo ATL 3

andré herger
1-Jul-2004, 01:25
Hi guys

You once gave me very useful advice, thanks again. So i`ve got another question.

I want to develop my 4 x 5" b/w negatives with my new machine, the jobo atl 3. So which developer can be recommended to make machine- developings? What do you think about the tetenal emofin 2 steps developer?

Thank you very much for every information about black and white machine developings!!

Best regard André

Ron Bose
1-Jul-2004, 08:14
For my Jobo CPP-2 with the 3010 Expert drum, I use HC-110 for B&W in a single application. Dilution B needs a three minute development time for Tri-X on a rotary processor, you can use a weaker dilution to extend dev time.

The beauty of the Jobo is that it allows you to control agitation and temperature, this lends itself to E6 tranny, C41 and RA4 colour processing. For B&W processing, I don't believe a rotary processor is critical ....

Ted Harris
1-Jul-2004, 08:48

I use Rodinal and have for years with my ATL 1000....smaller machine but same principle as the ATL3.

ronald moravec
1-Jul-2004, 11:07
No handling damage- perfectly even processing in an expert drum-small quantities of chemicals-water bath temp control- daylight processing.

I still do single sheets of 4x5 in a 8x10 tray. Slosh around hard lifting each edge in turn. Just as even as a jobo expert, but I don`t have to set it up. About four times as much chemical tho.

Erik Eks
5-Jul-2004, 10:42
And don't use Photoflo in the JOBO tanks.