View Full Version : Spring back for Kodak 2D?

25-Jun-2013, 07:10
I have just bought an Eastman Kodak 2D view camera body to renovate and use for wet collodion. It already has a reducing back for 4x5 use but I want to use a modern 8x10 holder converted to take 9x7 glass.

Does anyone have a lead for finding a spring back other than ebay? Or parts or substitute materials for making one?

Thank you for your time.

25-Jun-2013, 07:52
You must go to your nearest spareparts shop. Hope so you will find substitute materials for making one. thanks

Jon Shiu
25-Jun-2013, 08:10
I might have a back for parts/repair.


25-Jun-2013, 08:23
Thank you, Jon, what do you have? If you have the time to post photos, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you for your time.

Jon Shiu
25-Jun-2013, 09:12