View Full Version : A couple of questions on Crown Graphics

23-Jun-2013, 05:00
Hi, please excuse the rookie questions :rolleyes:

I am thinking of replacing the GG on my 1964 top rangefinder crown graphic with one with grids to aid composition. Am I right in thinking I can just seperate the original (scratched) GG from the Fresnel and pop the replacement on the fresnel (as per oe fit) ?

Also, I am considering replacing the bulb in the RF with either a brighter (Xenon etc) bulb, or a laser pointer. I am guessing Xenon or similar filament bulb will be more eye-friendly for portraits :cool: than the laser diode. Has anybody done either method and can you recommend it ?

Finally am I right in thinking the correct Polaroid-type back would be the 405 ? (for use with Fuji FP100 film I think which I can get reasonably easily)

Thank you,

Dan Fromm
23-Jun-2013, 07:12
(1) That's right, just remember that the ground side of the GG must face the lens.

(2) I don't know, ask the question on www.graflex.org

(3) see my answer to (2). Any Polaroid holder should fit the camera, but I don't know which one is right for FP100

Jim Jones
23-Jun-2013, 07:29
To provide a grid on a GG, I scribe a grid with an awl. A needle in a pin vise should also work. The needle tip can be stoned down a bit to provide a slightly wider line. The GG is taped over paper with the desired grid drawn on it. A good straight edge guides the awl. Scribing the grid is this way provides a bright and unobtrusive grid, unlike some of the alternative methods.