View Full Version : What is the Problem?

22-Jun-2013, 14:48
Front elements of the Symar appear to have paint flakes migrating into the optics. Rear elements are fine. Repairable? Replaceable? just buy a new one?

Doremus Scudder
23-Jun-2013, 11:11
A bad case of Schneideritis... A good technician can disassemble and clean your lens. Search here for technicians in your area.



Kevin Crisp
23-Jun-2013, 11:37
Unscrew the front retaining ring using an SK Grimes wrench with the flat tips, carefully turn it over let the front element fall out onto a cloth. Use an air can to blow off the paint, reassemble.

23-Jun-2013, 12:03
Ignore it -- it ain't that serious.

23-Jun-2013, 12:43
It may well be a case of just unscrewing the fromnt cell and a clean, I've repainted a few cells on the edges where the paint has flaked off. It happens with a few makes not just Schneider.


23-Jun-2013, 17:21
Thanks to all. Anyone recommend an 'optical black' for touch up if needed.

Kevin Crisp
23-Jun-2013, 18:00
I just use a Sharpie (takes several coats) on the ones I recement. Works fine.

24-Jun-2013, 19:08
Sharpie's in abundance in several tip widths, check. SK Grimes says the flat tip spanner will be on the way shortly, check. Advice I can understand... group you are good and appreciated.

24-Jun-2013, 21:06
I use a Sakura Pigma Brush Pen to paint cells. It is much better than a Sharpie. You should be able to find one in any art store.

29-Jun-2013, 14:55
Mr Grimes supplied the spanner in short order. I opened the front cell today. Clean and neat in short order. Will find the Pigma brushes pens shortly. Progress is wonderful.