View Full Version : FILM HOLDERS

ken choat
30-Jun-2004, 10:06
Are 8x10 Fidelity film holders good for Kodak Masterview cameras?

Michael Kadillak
30-Jun-2004, 10:13
I have used my Fidelity 8x10 holders in my Kodak Masterview, wooden Canham and Toyo 810 interchangably with no problems.


Christian Olivet
30-Jun-2004, 17:03
Same here! Never a problem. Great camera by the way!

ken choat
1-Jul-2004, 08:52
Thanks for the information guys. I am new to large format and have not taken possession of the 8x10 yet.

Please feel free to tell me about any part of the process that you found to be difficult during the initial learning curve. I am eager to learn from your experience.