View Full Version : Suggestions For Lens Repair (cement/element separation)

Bernice Loui
20-Jun-2013, 09:19
Need some suggestions / recommendations on who is good and well qualified to repair a dagor that has cement separation between elements.

This one has significant separation and both front and rear cells will need to be worked on.


Dan Fromm
20-Jun-2013, 10:04

Louis Pacilla
20-Jun-2013, 10:55
Hey Bernice

You know this is expensive to have John do all the work You may want to try and separate and clean the lenses before you send them off for gluing. This will probably cut the cost in half I would guess.

Also it's so expensive to have John ( He does great work BTW) do this work that this is really only a sensible thing to do with longer FL Dagors. Like 14" & up. IMHO

Steven Tribe
20-Jun-2013, 13:43
No matter who does the repair, there will be no 100% garantee that it will be succesfull. Some mounting systems in cells are tricky, putting it mildly.