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19-Jun-2013, 18:32
Emailed Paul Droluk (of Fotoman) to no avail, so I'll post it here in hopes that someone else can help me out...

I recently acquired a Fotoman HFM (short, 120mm version). It's mounted to a lens cone, I'd like to remove it from the cone and mount it to a different cone. The small countersunk M2 screws attaching it to the lens cone seem like they would be difficult to access. Do you have any recommendations for getting to these screws? The last thing I would want to do is strip the screws.

Also, this version of the HFM I have mounts to the lens cone with 4 screws, not 8 like I've seen of other Fotoman HFMs, is there a reason for this?


19-Jun-2013, 19:19
I will try but i am not sure what screws you are referring.....1 remove the lens. 2 remove 3 screws at the top that holds the lens this plate then can be removed. 3 unscrew the HFM until the top can be removed then the bottom falls away......then you will have a strait shot at removing the HFM from the cone....

25-Jun-2013, 12:44
did it work for you? maybe you would like to sell? or trade?

Fotoman Professional
6-Aug-2013, 23:21

This is a pretty simple operation. The first step is to extend the helicoid to its fullest. Then using your screwdriver at a slight angle, begin to remove the screws. They won’t strip but it’s always good to proceed with caution. If you run into any issues please feel free to let me know and we can help you moving forward.