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Randy Unruh
29-Jun-2004, 05:36
Can someone please tell me the filter size for Fujinon A 300mm f=9 lense???

Gem Singer
29-Jun-2004, 08:06
Hi Randy (or Bob Smith, whichever you prefer to be called),

Now that you are about to become a Fuji lens owner, it's time for you to discover the "Worlds Most Complete Fuji Lens Page". Look for the info you are seeking at---www.members.aol.com/subgallery/byfl.htm There is a direct link to that page on this website. Scroll down on the Large Format Photography Home Page.

The answer to your question is 55mm.

Gem Singer
29-Jun-2004, 08:25
Oh yes, when you scroll down, click on "other links and resources".