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19-Jun-2013, 06:37
I'd like something to carry around a 8x10 Kodak 2D. I'd need to carry it a quarter mile or so. A large tote bag appeals to me, but I worry that the camera pieces (such as the extension board) will bang about in the bag. Any suggestions?

Also, how do you all store your 8x10 wooden cameras when not in use? When not in use (in my backyard) my camera goes back into its original shipping box. While not ideal it works:)

And yes, given a beautiful antique 8x10 camera I feel a duty to take good care of it!

Thanks all.

Jon Shiu
19-Jun-2013, 07:31
A tote bag would work fine. Use another bag, backpack or shoulder bag for your rail, film holders, meter, darkcloth etc. Then perhaps a shoulder strap for your tripod.


19-Jun-2013, 07:40
It is a good point Jon about separating the components into two bags. If anyone else has creative suggestions (or even a photo!) please share.


Michael S
19-Jun-2013, 07:41
For the Kodak 2D, I use an f64 backpack. I have hiked more than fourteen miles with that camera, with three lenses and a Reiss tripod. In my opinion, the 2D is the quintessential 8x10 field view camera.

Ken Lee
19-Jun-2013, 07:59
I have put some velcro on my 5x7 Kodak 2D. It holds the extra rail to the folded rail. I'll make a photo and post it here.

I carry my stuff in a cheap beverage cooler (http://www.kenleegallery.com/html/tech/index.php#Gear). For added security, I place some clothing next to it in the car, like socks and walking shoes. It looks like a bag of laundry.

Drew Bedo
19-Jun-2013, 08:13
I have an old PowePro backpack that holds my 2-D. I can get the lens, darkcloth, loup etc and 2 fiml holders into it with the tripod strapped on.

I have another soft bag licenced from Pelican that is a little bigger and roles around.

Check out PhotoBackpacker for semi-rigid padded boxes to hold the camera, lenses and accessories that offer protection and organization and may be packed into about any bag . i HAVE A FEW PIECES ADNTHEY ARE GREAT.

Jim Noel
19-Jun-2013, 08:51
I use an internal frame backpack made for camping. Much cheaper than those made for photo equipment.

Robert Oliver
19-Jun-2013, 09:00
I have seen a few photogs transport their ULF rigs in a jog stroller...

19-Jun-2013, 09:53
I use a large bookbag type backpack. I can't recall the make, but it's a cheap one, and has two pockets. The camera fits in one pocket, the holders and a rail in the other. Just hunt around at camping and bookbag places.

19-Jun-2013, 11:32
For shorter distances I use an old "portable computer" bag for my D2 and a canvas bag (military?) for my Century Universal. The bag for the D2 has dividers and even an outside compartment. I can fit about four holders, the camera, two lenses and smaller odd'n ends in there.

19-Jun-2013, 11:56
Since I tend to carry my 8x10 away from the car a great distance, I find a front-loading pack to be very good...I like MEI...


Michael E
20-Jun-2013, 02:41
I have a cheap camera backpack, about 15 Euros from a dutch dealer on german ebay. With all the inserts taken out, it fits my Eastman 2D perfectly. There is room for a spot meter and a cloth. The front compartment holds three film holders comfortably. If neccessary, I strap the extension rail to the outside. It works fine, even for longer hikes. I know I shouldn't, but I usually store the camera in the backpack.



Ben Calwell
20-Jun-2013, 04:39
I carry my 2D in an old carry-on suitcase that has wheels on it. It's not ideal, but it's adequate for my purposes.

20-Jun-2013, 05:19
My 2d in camera back pack with dividers taken out. Works perfect.

20-Jun-2013, 15:38
I use this:

20-Jun-2013, 17:05
For short distances like that I use a canvas tote "teacher bag" for my 8x10 camera. In the winter, I use a sled. For long trips in the woods, I prefer my 4x5 as tripod, film holders, etc.. all weight much less and take less space, and I can't enlarge 8x10 negatives.

20-Jun-2013, 17:18
Gator Bags (http://www.gatorcases.com/c/310122/mixer-bags) work pretty well, about $45 for a 15x18x6.5" bag


Michael E
21-Jun-2013, 07:43

I just realized how worn my 2D looks. Yours is beautiful!


Drew Bedo
24-Jun-2013, 07:51
Westen is reported to have said something like: "Anything more than 100 yards away from the car just isn't that interesting."

27-Jun-2013, 13:01
I purchased a rolling suitcase/backpack from IKEA to carry my 2D around in the city. It fits the camera folded up and four holders, plus things like cable release and black t-shirt for dark cloth.

Brian Ellis
28-Jun-2013, 07:17
I store my photography equipment (camera, lenses, accessories) in my backpack (F64, large size). When I had an 8x10 2D I used one of those backpacks students use to carry their books around (Jenna? Jen something?), a large size of course. Can't remember the name but it cost much less than dedicated camera backpacks and worked o.k. for short hikes. I keep my camera and lenses in wraps so the lack of dividers didn't bother me. But then I got the F64 and ditched the book pack.