View Full Version : Spec Sheet: Schneider Super-Angulon f8 210mm

Lawrence Francis
28-Jun-2004, 19:14
Does anyone have a copy of a Schneider catalog which shows the weight of this older lens? I know it is f8-90, covers 500mm@f22, and was dis-continued when the 210Super XL was brought out. I'm interested in how much weight savings there is between the new and old 210 Angulon. Thanks...Larry

george verbryck
28-Jun-2004, 19:17
It wieghs 2380 g . cheers George

Doug Dolde
28-Jun-2004, 19:37
See Schneider's Vintage Lens Data:


tim atherton
29-Jun-2004, 12:18
Sheesh - what's that, about 5lbs or so? And I thought my SA 165mm was heavy...

What are you using it one? Do you actually need 500mm of coverage? Ther are much smaller and lighter alternatives