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Tony Lakin
17-Jun-2013, 08:23

I have not seen this fault before and can find no reference to it, anyone help please.

Fomapan 100 8x10 developed in HC110 dilution B 6 minutes 20C hanger in 2 litre narrow deep tank, nitrogen burst agitation as per Kodak specification.

PS no it's not part of a tree at edge of frame it is occuring in varying amounts down both short sides of negs.


17-Jun-2013, 08:29

17-Jun-2013, 08:30
looks like mold/moisture related something or other. Fresh, non-refrigerated film? Were any of the sheets stuck together in the box? Usually the edges stick first.
I've seen this from film that was opened for long periods or opened, then not sealed. I vacuum seal boxes after opening them to avoid this.

Tony Lakin
17-Jun-2013, 08:40
Thanks guys:), thought it might be something like that, purchased the film very cheaply of Ebay for experimentation, must be a Lomography feature:D

17-Jun-2013, 10:08
It looks like a start on a Jerry Uelsmann image.

JW Dewdney
17-Jun-2013, 15:03
how old was this film - if i can ask?

Tony Lakin
18-Jun-2013, 00:48
I purchased the film a couple of years back, the box it came in was rather dog eared so I transfered the film to a better box and disposed of the original one, unfortunately I did not keep a record of the date however I do remember it being at least a couple of years out of date at that time.