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Shane Knight
28-Jun-2004, 08:12
Hello everyone,

I purchased a Claron G 240mm from ebay. The lens is currently being shipped. I am wanting to place an order for filters ASAP. Does anyone know the filter size of the front element for this lens.

Also...does anyone have experience with mounting filters to the rear element. I am new with LF...so detailed answers is appreciated.




Emmanuel BIGLER
28-Jun-2004, 09:09
<HTML>Shane. I have such a lens. It is a very common filter thread : 52 mm. No problem. The easiest to find !!


Kevin Crisp
28-Jun-2004, 10:04
Shane: I half agree with the previous post. The later 240mm G Clarons take 52mm lenses, but the earlier ones are smaller in diameter and take 49mm filters. I have a 1967 vintage one which takes the smaller filters. If you don't know one way or another about yours, you could wait to get it, or just get 52 mm filters and use a step up ring if your lens turns out to be 49 mm. Great lens, you will enjoy it.

28-Jun-2004, 11:11
I hope you didn't buy the same one I bought yesterday-)) So it's either 52mm or 49mm? Either way alot better then the 35.5mm the 150mm uses.

Kevin Crisp
28-Jun-2004, 11:15
The one I have with the 49mm thread has a serial number in the 10's. The ones I have seen with serial numbers in the 12's are 52mm filter size. I can't narrow it down more than that, but if it were me, I'd go with a step up filter on a 49mm one since odds are you're going to use the 52mm filters more often. Or use a step up ring to 72mm so you can use one set of filters for almost everything.

Shane Knight
3-Jul-2004, 11:45
Thank you everyone for your help. Great information, as usual. The lens arrived in perfect condition with a filter size of 49mm.

Thanks again and happy shooting everybody.

Shane Knight