View Full Version : Where to fix the front standard on Super Graphic with Super Angulon 90mm

15-Jun-2013, 11:34
Hi, wonder if anyone can help me - I've got a Super Graphic that I've been using for a while with a 150mm lens. When I set the camera up I've just been locking the front standard at the position of the fitted infinity stops and everything seems to be ok. I've now got hold of a 90mm lens and it looks like that position won't work for this one.

I tried a putting it right at the back of the rails and that looked like it might work, but the range of focus seems very short. Is there a 'right' place to lock the standard? How do I find it?

I'm very new to this LF game...


E. von Hoegh
15-Jun-2013, 12:09
A Super Angulon may be problematic. Also, I'm not a Graphic expert, so this link might help - http://graflex.org/

15-Jun-2013, 15:52
On a Crown Graphic, I would usually fix a 90 just before or just after the rail splits, depending on the shot. You can get another set of infinity stops to mark the position of focus at infinity if it helps.

Dan Fromm
15-Jun-2013, 16:38
Um, the 90 SA's flange focal distance is, depending on the model (f/8, f/5.6) and vintage (coated, multicoated), between 98.8 mm and 102.7 mm.

I'm sorry that I don't have a Super Graphic to measure, so don't know whether this puts the front standard on the fixed inner bed rails or on the movable outer bed rails. Regardless, the front of the lens board has to be at least 98.8 mm from the film placne when the lens is focused to infinity.

OP, you have the camera and lens, go ask them what works.

16-Jun-2013, 02:25
OK so that puts it just onto the outer bed rails. That's ok for infinity, do I have to manually set it closer to the film plane if I need to focus closer? Or further away?

16-Jun-2013, 05:02
OK, answered my own question - further out for closer focus. Thanks for the help.

16-Jun-2013, 10:14
Basically, you want to manually lock the lens onto the rail at infinity. Then for focusing closer on subjects closer than infinity, you use the camera's focusing knob...

16-Jun-2013, 10:17
Thanks, that's the sort of simple rule I needed!

16-Jun-2013, 10:20
That's why the infinity stops mark infinty focus for a particular lens, so you know where to lock it down, and then you do all of the focusing (forward of/closer than infinity) by moving the rails forward with the knob. So to set up the 90mm lens, put the rails all the way back and find the place on the rails where you can focus on a subject far off in the distance (infinity focus). Now lock the lens (front standard) down. This is the proper location for your lens. If you don't feel like buying more infinity stops, you can just mark the bed with a piece of tape or a marker so that you'll always know where to lock the lens down. 90mm lenses and shorter can be tricky, because you might find that infinity focus puts the lens right on the split in the rails. If that's the case, you can lock the lens behind the split for really far-off shots and forward of the split for anything closer. I primarily shoot portraits, so I would always lock down my 90mm lens just forward of the split, but it just depends on the shot for some of these shorter lenses.

Good luck! You'll get there. It's a lot to take in at first.

Edit: tried to make it all more clear