View Full Version : Phil Davis vs. Gordon Hutchings article

Kirk Keyes
27-Jun-2004, 10:20
I remember an article that had Phil Davis and Gordon Hutchings answering questions about pyro developers, staining, making development calculations...

I think was published in View Camera, probably around 1993-5. I've looked through my collection of VC magazines and I can't find it. Does anyone here remember this article and when and where it was published?

Thanks, Kirk

William Blunt
27-Jun-2004, 13:31
January/February 1997

Kirk Keyes
29-Jun-2004, 11:53
Thanks WIlliam, that's it!

Steve Simmons did not make that article an easy one to find - it's listed in the table of contents as "The Blank and White Corner" (or something like that). The article is over 5 pages - probably the longest article in that issue, and that's the best description he could come up with? I realize it's in a monthly column, but perhaps there needs to be a better description of those.