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15-Jun-2013, 08:59
Hello, Sinar experts all,

I have recently acquired a Sinar Norma in parts and from different sources. It is now complete in its basic form.

The standard rail has 2 end caps. Unscrewing one reveals a triangle shaped plastic piece with a central female screw thread where the rail extension can be joined. Unscrewing the other end cap reveals only the hollow tube. But inside this cap there are some kind of "holders" for something that originally was held there and stored inside the hollow rail when this end cap was screwed back on.

My question: what was this "something" which I haven't got and don't even know what it looks like? Can somebody describe these pieces or, even better, attach some .jpgs showing exactly what they are? Thanks!


Otto Seaman
15-Jun-2013, 10:15
It was designed to hold 500 grams of finely cut cocaine or one medium hydroponic cannabliss bud.

Or nice metal rulers that Sinar used to include for calculating bellows factors.

Jerry Bodine
15-Jun-2013, 10:16

That "something" is what Sinar called a scale. I've never seen one, but a non-photo illustration from my '69 catalog indicates it is like a ruler (probably metal) to be used for things like measuring bellows extension, etc. Apparently, it is inserted into the slot in the end cap holder. It looks to be about a foot or so in length, with graduations (most likely in metric as well as inches). I did not order one with my 5x7 Expert at the time, but instead chose to get a re-coiling type metal tape measure (Lufkin brand) in metric for bellows extension because it's small and compact. I don't see this scale in the current Sinar online catalog


Struan Gray
15-Jun-2013, 10:27
You can find pictures of the scale/ruler in eBay auctions for Norma base rails. It has mm/inch markings on one side and aperture/shutter speed corrections for macro magnifications on the other. I don't carry mine around any more.

There is also a hex hole which will hold either a hex rod for the compendium system, or a standard pencil. I have a cut-down minimalist hex rod permanently mounted on the front format frame, and keep a longer 10 cm one, just in case, inside the rail.

PS: you can always identify a fellow Norma user from the smile you get when you remind them of the noise the cap makes as it pops off.

Leonard Robertson
15-Jun-2013, 10:33
I noticed an eBay listing (#330940240386) this morning for a Sinar Norma rail with caps and a mystery object. I suspect the latter is the scale/ruler. I've never seen a picture of one before, although I knew there is "something" designed to fit inside the base rail.


15-Jun-2013, 19:26
Thanks to all who replied. Now I know what to look for at photo fairs and flea markets.