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13-Jun-2013, 10:54

a simple question - since my search wasn't very useful - is or was there a reducing back for Tachihara 8x10 cameras to 5x7 format? Or any clever solutions, like adapting something else?

Thank you

Gem Singer
13-Jun-2013, 11:38
There is a 5x7 reducing back available for the Tachihara 8x10.

If they don't have it in stock, they can order one for you.

See: www.mpex.com

13-Jun-2013, 11:41
Gem, I did look at mpex website prior to posting my question. I looked again and I don't see it there. Just 8x10->4x5 and 5x7->4x5.

Gem Singer
13-Jun-2013, 11:42

email Jim at Midwest. He can order one for you.


13-Jun-2013, 12:38
Thanks Gem. Will do. At this moment the "general availability" is my main question, I think I'll have to wait a bit for my bank balance to catch up after the purchase of the camera itself :)

Maris Rusis
13-Jun-2013, 15:55
Tachihara make a 5x7 reducing back for their 8x10 cameras. Check out their web site and pricelist:http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~tachi-ss/

14-Jun-2013, 08:04
FYI, living in Japan, fix price for reducing back 8x10/5x7 with Fresnel lens is JPY50,000.- Purchasing directly from their door is going to be JPY42,000-
Problem is that the 57 ground glass w/grid line is no longer running here in Japan. My 5x7 Nagaoka has a plain ground glass on her back. You are better to ask them its availability first.
I'm not sure but I believe you can get the reducing back from Tachihara directly via fax order. Courier from Japan is ridiculously expensive but EMS via Japan's post may be reasonable. Don't phone call them. You send fax message in plain English.


14-Jun-2013, 08:22
I would like to get one for my 8x10 Tachii. I inquired of Jim a couple of times but received no reply.

- Leigh

6-Jun-2014, 19:02

Yes, there is a genuine Tachihara 5x7 adapter back for their 8x10 field camera.

I have one.

- Leigh

6-Jun-2014, 23:34
May I ask where did you find/get it? I'd like one as well...

Dave Wooten
7-Jun-2014, 07:13
Wista might have them ?

7-Jun-2014, 08:35
May I ask where did you find/get it? I'd like one as well...

Unfortunately, I bought it used, so there are no others available from that source.

About a year ago, Mr. Tachihara had one in stock.
When I checked a couple of months ago it had been sold.
I was told he has no plans to build any more of them.

- Leigh

7-Jun-2014, 08:36
Wista might have them ?
The Tachihara camera is not a Wista. Those are two different and independent designs.

The backs might or might not be interchangeable. That would require further investigation.

- Leigh