View Full Version : needy 5x7 photographers - dark slide to give away...

tim atherton
26-Jun-2004, 11:18
I've ended up with a new (or nearly new) replacement 5x7 dark slide for the current Lisco Regal holders (sent by mistake for an 8x10 slide and the dealer - good old Midwest Photo - doesn't want it back...)

First come first served to a good home (N America only via snail mail)


tim atherton
26-Jun-2004, 13:43
okay, we had one taker - offer closed!


tim atherton
26-Jun-2004, 16:35
OT - excuse this folks

John N

You spam filter is blockign my email....:

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tim atherton
26-Jun-2004, 17:43
John - BTW - you were the first...

Your emails are getting through, so just email me your address and I'll pop it in the mail

26-Jun-2004, 19:58
thanks tim!

i emailed my address &C ... sorry about the problems, hopefully my spam-cop won't hassle you again, but if he does --- if you offer coffee he'll let you through :)

- john