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25-Jun-2004, 14:49
Howdy,can anyone recommend a compendium lens shade for a tachihara 8x10 double ext.? If so,where would I find it? Thanks in advance,Cheers.

Ralph Barker
25-Jun-2004, 16:55
I have the same camera, and haven't found a good commercial solution yet. I tried using my Toyo 4x5 shade, to see if I wanted to modify the Tachi's front standard to accept the screw-in bracket, but it was really too small - both in terms of the mount offset, and in terms of the size of the shade (some lenses just won't fit inside).

I'm now looking at various home-brew options.

neil poulsen
25-Jun-2004, 20:29
I've been looking at the Lee system. It even has an adaptor for a lens with a 105 filter ring, although it's expensive. I tried one at a swap meet, and the one I looked at did a decent job of holding it's shape. (It has no rails or guides to support the bellows.)

26-Jun-2004, 03:05
You could try Camera Bellows (www.camerabellows.com) in the UK as they do a bespoke design service and I've seen their lens shades at various shows.

I suppose other people might do similar things if there's anyone closer to you.

Neil, I think there might be some kind of tie-up between Lee and Camera Bellows as it's the only link on the CB site. It's possibly a contractual supply thing...

John R
26-Jun-2004, 20:22
Have you considered one of the older Calumet shades that were made for the C1 and also the 4x5? They are very stout and durable, all metal and good bellows quality. I've adapted them to fit a couple of my various cameras in the past. I've always been very pleased with their older bellows. Designed and well suited for commercial duty use. They mount via a twin wire rail that is secured to the camera front standard with a block mounted to the top of the standard, the block can be adadpted to mount onto many cameras. They have an excellent filter drawer also, not just a slot. However, there is one caveat, the shade can't be flipped up out of the way like a modern shade (those shades cost $400 or more) They can be found at used equipment suppliers and at shows and can be had for $75 -150 depending on condition. Good luck..

Gem Singer
27-Jun-2004, 12:24
Hi William,

Take a look at the Shen Hao Compendium Lens Hood that is offered by Badger Graphics (www.badgergraphic.com) and Midwest Photo Exchange (www.mpex.com). It is very similar in design to the Toyo compendium lens shade. It is made to be fastened onto the top of a wooden front standard, and sells for $125. The shade is designed for a 4X5 camera, but it probably could be be adapted to fit on an 8X10 Tachi.