View Full Version : In praise of Shen-Hao

11-Jun-2013, 10:45
Recently, I bought a Shen-Hao PTB-45 with some minor problems (a screw missing, dry bubble level).

I've send an email to Shen-Hao (zhangfmli@vip.sina.com), and they promptly send me the missing parts, just for the cost of shipping (10 USD). I received the parts today.

Great service in my book: I didn't even buy the camera new from them and I told them so, but still they helped me out.


11-Jun-2013, 12:44
Mr. Zhang's service is outstanding. If I've ever needed something for my TZ45-IIB and couldn't find it locally, he'd make/sell it for/to me and ship it from Shanghai. He made me a red bellows for my camera and its gorgeous.

11-Jun-2013, 13:25
I have had similar experiences with Mike Walker from Walker cameras - first rate service, on a first rate product.

Steven Tribe
11-Jun-2013, 14:15
My son had exactly the same experience with his used Shen-Hao with 2 replacement screws delivered immediately, cost free.
I bet Deardorff and Gandolfi used to have the same policy!

11-Jun-2013, 15:39
The shen hao I bought had broken springs right out of the box. A few months later some of the special fasteners holding the back on loosened/fell off. Jeff at Badger Graphic sent me some replacements for free. Good on Jeff. Now, try to find a tool to tighten those phucking things! Sold that camera long ago.