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Jacques Augustowski
24-Jun-2004, 19:52
Hi, I have a 270mm 8x10 fujinon and I am using it on my 4x5 camera. I am having too much flare caused by the excess lens coverage . Is there a way to reduce the lens coverage? Could I put behind the lens a piece of cardboard with a hole, to limit the coverage and reducing the light from bouncing all around the innards of the camera? Thanks, Jacques

N Dhananjay
24-Jun-2004, 20:00
A lens shade or compendium shade might do the trick. Even the barn door style hoods will do the trick. Cheers, DJ

Jay M. Packer
24-Jun-2004, 22:24

I know that Fuji manufactured several different 240mm, 250mm, and 300mm lenses, but I've never heard of a Fujinon 270mm. Could you tell us some more about the lens? Maximum aperture, coverage, shutter size, etc...


Erik Sherman
25-Jun-2004, 05:51
One possibility would be to use a filter - even a UV - that is larger than the lens, and combining it with a step-down ring to create artificial fall-off at the edges. I suspect putting a cardboard collar as you mention would also work.

But the flare makes me wonder. Normally, the excess coverage would be striking the inside of the back and bellows. To get flare, I'd think that the light would be actualloy reflecting. Is the inside of your camera appropriately dark?

Jacques Augustowski
25-Jun-2004, 07:27
Sorry its a 250mm f:6.7. As for the casmera it's a new Tachihara, and I think that the idea of a reducing step ring is good, making a sort o a baffle

Ted Harris
25-Jun-2004, 08:06
The Fuji 250 6.7 is a Fuji W series lens with an image circle of 398 mm. An image circle of that size should not be causing the problem syou are describing. The lens came in both an EBC multicoated and single coated versions. If yours is one of the earlier signle coated versions then I would suspect tht is part of the flare problem and much mroe so than the lens coverage.

I and a number of others here regularly use the Fuji 300 A and 360 A lenses with both 4x5 and 8x10. I use the 300 A with both 4x5 and 8x10 and have no flare problems with the lens when using it on a 4x5 camera. The 300 A has more coverage than your lens with an image circle of 420 mm.

I am going to guess that you have the older single coated lens. Further, even small scratches, if they are strategicly placed can increase flare (not usual but can happen) so take a look at both the front and rear elements with an 8x loupe and see what you see. I am guessing that you have some combination of a single coated lens with perhaps a small scratch or two. IF that is the case use a lens shade of some sort, that should fix or vastly improve the problem. A filter will just give you an additional glass surface that could potentiall compound the problem.

Sal Santamaura
25-Jun-2004, 08:55
Ted, I have a single-coated 250mm f/6.7 Fujinon W that I use on 8x10, and am very pleased with it, but would be most interested in one of those multi-coated versions. Have you seen any available where the "EBC" designation wasn't an error?

tim atherton
25-Jun-2004, 09:08

Have you ever actually come across an EBC/Multi coated version?

Everything I've seen (and all the 250's I've come across) have always been single coated and have suggested the EDC is either a myth, or came out in such small numbers as to be virutally a myth?

BTW - I haven't experienced flare with mine that I can ever remember on 8x10 (and in the last few weeks I've done quite a few shots of backlit foliage etc with the sun pretty much up front and to an angle witht he front element - no problem that I've noticed.

Gem Singer
25-Jun-2004, 10:47
"I am having too much flare caused by the excess lens coverage"---

Hi Jacques,

The lens flare (if it actually is lens flare) that you are experiencing may not necessarily be caused by excess lens coverage. If you are using adequate lens shading and still see flare, it is probably caused by other factors. Are you certain that it is lens flare? Have you checked your equipment for light leaks?

I have used my Fuji 250 CM-W lens on my 4X5 Ebony camera, as well as my 8X10 Tachi, and I have never experienced lens flare. Whether your lens is single coated, or EBC coated, should not make any noticeable difference.

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
25-Jun-2004, 13:38
Hi Jacques. I often use lenses intended for up to 8X10 format on smaller size formats, down to 6X6, but can say that I have never encountered a problem with flare. I doubt very much if it is caused by the means you describe. There are many instances that can cause flare, the most common being scattered light either externally, by insufficient hood coverage or internally by faulty mounting or bellows. Have you done a test on your film register, and or DDS. It is possible to get internal flare within the lens itself, but it is very rare indeed. Hope you solve the problem, let us know the result if you do. :)

Ted Harris
25-Jun-2004, 21:05
Tim & Sal,

No, I have never seen the EBC coated version nor ever know anyone who had one nor been able to find reference to one in the literature I have (which pretty much mirrors Kerry's). My comment was based solely on the information at http://members.aol.com/subgallery/byseries.htm where the author also notes that reference to an EBC version might be a typo in the Fuji literature ..... I didn't read that the first time, apologies!!!!!!

I no longer own one of these (replaced with a 240 A some 6-8 years ago) but my experiences were always similar to yours.

Sal Santamaura
26-Jun-2004, 07:52
Ted, no apologies are necessary. I just wondered if you had actually found one. How would you compare your 240A to the 250 it replaced?