View Full Version : E-6: Orange Fixer After Processing Astia

9-Jun-2013, 17:14
Any idea why my fixer would be orange after processing Astia?

Bleach is orange and fixer is the next (and more or less last) step,

not sure if this is normal. I am using Fuji PRO 6 chemicals.

I have a lot of fixer so will probably just make a new batch, but wondering about it, I have seen this before, but I think sporadically.

Daniel Stone
9-Jun-2013, 17:35
What about performing a wash step before the fix? That might help alleviate that ”issue”

9-Jun-2013, 19:45
That sounds reasonable, I might try that, however the instructions don't mention a wash step in between bleach and fix, so still wondering why ... and the fix was very orange, not sure if this was a reaction - but the amount of bleach left on the film I don't think would have been enough to cause that much change in the fix color (unless it was some sort of reaction).

9-Jun-2013, 20:18
You MUST wash between bleach and fix, otherwise the carried-over bleach will kill your fixer while it sits on the shelf. Fuji recommends at least 2 mins of washing with continuous water flow between those steps.

9-Jun-2013, 21:25
I would be interested to see where Fuji recommends washing between bleach and fix. In the instructions I have (http://www.fujifilmeurope.be/apps/fuji/fujifilmnv.nsf/files/technical%20bulletins%20E6/$file/TB%20E6_E13_09-11.pdf), it's not mentioned.

10-Jun-2013, 05:50
Hmm, different instructions to mine. I had a look in Z119 and that doesn't mandate a wash but PE has also spoken of it on APUG.

Daniel Stone
10-Jun-2013, 09:38
an extra 2min wash step won't hurt anything(just make sure its tempered water, same as your process' solutions)
And it'll also help towards eliminating any 'carryover' of bleach to dilute/ruin your fixer solution(despite it being "cheap", why risk it?)


21-Jun-2013, 15:05
Will definitely consider a tempered wash step between bleach and fix next time, my results were pretty good though ... some of my favorites from the batch (Mamiya C330, 80mm f/2.8 / 120 Fuji Astia):