View Full Version : Staeble Ultragon f9 240mm

Ian Greenhalgh
8-Jun-2013, 09:31
Hi folks

Just picked up a Staeble Ultragon f9 240mm for next to nothing, in very nice shape. I have found nothing about this lens, just a 11 year old thread with some annecdotal comments about the 9/150 and 9/210 versions being 'very sharp'.

Anyone have one of these 240mms? Does anyone know if it's constructed as a pair of cells so could be put in a shutter with some adaptation work?

Steven Tribe
8-Jun-2013, 13:57
These have many sales names and were used on photocopiers. There has been more recent discussion. Unlike the beloved clarons, they are NOT immediately mountable in a standard shutter. Hence the market price for them.

Ian Greenhalgh
8-Jun-2013, 15:41
Well, it only cost as much as a pint of beer, so I can't complain. I have a few spare shutters, so I'll see what it is closest to fitting and send it to be fitted.

Steven Tribe
9-Jun-2013, 07:37
I think this means that you have a locally available skilled lathe owner who works on "hobby" rates.

Ian Greenhalgh
10-Jun-2013, 11:49
Sort of, I know a very skilled repairman who does the work for about a tenth of what SK Grimes charge, and his work is first rate.

I removed the cells from the Ultragon 240 and crudely measuring with a ruler, looks like they have 43mm threads. I have a spare Alphax #3 which is 45mm front and back but 2mm isn't enough for an adapter ring so unless I find a bigger shutter cheap, the Ultragon is staying in barrel.