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8-Jun-2013, 05:53
Hi Guys,

I was hoping to tone some black and white prints a brilliant yellow color (very saturated), similar to this image by Mike and Doug Starn (see attached). Does anybody have any recommendations for a yellow toning formula? I was hoping to tone some large prints so i would prefer to make it myself than use a commercial toner.

I actually got in contact with Mike Starn and he was nice enough to let me know he used Berg Gold Yellow Toner - however this is no longer available and i cannot find anywhere online how to make it - if anybody knows how to make it from raw chem please share.

The only yellow toner formula i could find was this (http://wwww.woelen.nl/photo/toner.pdf) but it sounds like it produces a soft pale yellow not a rich saturated one.



bob carnie
8-Jun-2013, 06:07
Fotospeed makes toners that may help you out- they remind me of Berg toners which basically stain the image.

Bleach sepia will not give you the colour your sample presents.

Dave Grenet
8-Jun-2013, 06:28
It sounds as if you're after a Vanadium or Titanium toner (I haven't used either but I believe the Vanadium gives a brighter yellow). Google helped me find this which may be useful for you as a starting point: http://www.woelen.nl/photo/toner.pdf

8-Jun-2013, 18:22
It has been quite a few years for me to recall exactly how I did it, but I was able to get a golden yellow out of prints with a Sepia then Copper toning sequence. I remember the Copper toner was only good for one or two prints, so I never pursued it for very long. You may want to look into that. It wasn't as bright a yellow as your example, and IIRC it worked mainly in the upper midtones and the highlights were pretty golden.

9-Jun-2013, 01:27
Thanks, yeah i think the Berg toner must have been a Vanadium toner. I have had some experience with the fotospeed toners and the vanadium toner can produce a more vibrant yellow than the titanium. Unfortunately though it would cost me way too much to produce the amount of toner i need from the packaged product, does anybody know how to mix a vanadium toner or a titanium? Anybody got Tim Rudmans book out there lol.

My prints are about 100 x 70 cm so i would need to produce at least 20L of the stuff.

Thanks for your help so far guys.

Martin Dake
9-Jun-2013, 08:56
I have Tim Rudman's toning book but there is not any formulas for Vanadium or Titanium toners.

I did find this PDF from someone in the Netherlands, it might help...


Jim Noel
9-Jun-2013, 09:11
The Berg toners are dyes, not toners. Have you thought of trying a fabric dye? In the U.S. they are sold by RIT, and are made in a wide variety of colors.

28-Jun-2013, 01:31
maybe this help - two bath lead yellow toner

Acetic Acid conc 25ml
Lead(II) nitrate 15g
Potassium ferricyanide 10g
Water 1l

Potassium dichromate 5g
Water 1l

4Ag + 4K3[Fe(CN)6] + 2Pb(NO3)2 --> 2Ag2Pb[Fe(CN)6]↓ + 4KNO3 + 2K4[Fe(CN)6]
2Ag2Pb[Fe(CN)6] + K2Cr2O7 + H2O = PbCrO4↓ + Ag2K2[Fe(CN)6] + H2CrO4

28-Jun-2013, 01:40
I used to do this with a dye coupler toner, Tetenal made a kit but I used to make my own up from srcatch.

Eseentially you use a rehalogenating bleach then redevelop in a colour developer with the relevant dye coupler added, then you can either rebleach to leave just the dye image or leave a silver & dye combination. I have posted the formulae I'd guess on APUG gfor Bob Carnie :D The best use of the technique is in Dark Summer, Bob Calos Clarke.