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steve barry
7-Jun-2013, 08:54
Can anyone tell if this is a 4x5 model from these photos? The bag mag appears to be 4x5? Anyone know anything about that lens? THANKS





Louis Pacilla
7-Jun-2013, 08:57
It appears one bag mag is a 4x5 the other is 3 1/4 x4 1/4. I know this doesn't help.

The longer lens is a telephoto design so it will need less bellows draw for the given focal length making it useful on a reflex camera given the bellows length limitation. the other looks to be a B&L Tessar Ic f4.5 around 9 1/2"fl. A nice enough lens.

steve barry
7-Jun-2013, 09:01
Thanks Louis, I did not even notice they were different sizes.

8-Jun-2013, 04:29
The camera in the photos you posted is a 3x4 Series D.

steve barry
8-Jun-2013, 06:23