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7-Jun-2013, 06:36
Technically it's not a large format camera because it's 122 roll film, but the image size is nearly 4x5....

Anyways, I need some help with finding a way to repair a Graflex 3a camera. The camera is in fairly good condition, but the shutter is not working properly. Who could I send this off to to get this fixed? Was hoping to get this up and running before the Ilford ULF 122 bulk film arrives, or at least put a few rolls of 120 through it.

Steven Tribe
8-Jun-2013, 07:29

Leonard Robertson
8-Jun-2013, 08:16
I had this page from Graflex.org Bookmarked:
The member of Graflex who posted this may be someone to contact about working on your camera. I have no idea if he works on cameras for other people, but you can ask.


Vincent Pidone
8-Jun-2013, 14:10
45PSS is Charles Monday.

I recently emailed him regarding repairing my 3a and modifying it to take 120 film.

He said that 3a's aren't fun to work on and so priced repairs accordingly.

There is also someone else that posts to Graflex.org who does repairs, sorry, I don't remember the name.

Charles has been very helpful on and offline regarding Graflex stuff, but I have never sent him anything to repair.

I bought my 3a to get the lens and am not sure I want to put money into repairing it.

Lee, is the socket for the tripod screw OK on yours? Mine seems to have crept up into the camera body, and I suspect that it is blocking the mirror and as a result, keeps the shutter from firing.

9-Jun-2013, 00:22
Thanks all. I've since talked with Charles Monday and may have him do a CLA and 120 modification. He says the modification is undoable but not really for switching between 122 and 120 formats like a removable adapter. So I'm trying to decide what I want to do.

Vincent, if you remember who the other person who does repairs is, please let me know.

9-Jun-2013, 05:52
vincent, was it bert saunders ?
he stopped taking on conversions
but from all reports he is well,
and emails people to help them.

i haven't ever send him a camera, but he has helped
me on numerous occasions with a series d (4x5 )
and a 3A.

good luck with your camera + conversion lee!

Vincent Pidone
9-Jun-2013, 09:18
jnaniaan, yes, it was Bert Saunders.

I have not had any contact with or dealings with him.

Lee, you can buy my 3a and have one converted and one original.