View Full Version : Plastic Cleaner on Fresnel lens? Yes or No?

JW Dewdney
6-Jun-2013, 17:47
So I have this pretty fantastic Sprayway plastic cleaner - it's done a real treat on cleaning up scratches from framing plexiglas etc in the past - and I was thinking about trying it out on my old beat up and scratched sinar fresnel lens - wondering if I can rehabilitate it. I'm sure it will be fine on the smooth side- but I'm wondering if it will (by dint of it's scratch filling properties) mess up the fresnel side (?) - anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks.

Drew Wiley
7-Jun-2013, 15:15
Should be fine. Just use it with microfiber lens cloth. But all this will do is clean it. You might be able to buff out scratches on the smooth side of a fresnel, but
obviously not on the relief side.

Drew Wiley
7-Jun-2013, 15:18
Guess I was being ambiguous. Sorry. I wouldn't do anything to the relief side except rinse it off and force off the water droplets with compressed air.