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Michael Kadillak
23-Jun-2004, 15:51
I am interested in acquiring a Metrolux II light integrator to be dually used for film testing and printmaking and attempted to call their parent corporation (Redlight) in California that was listed in the darkroom section of Photo Techniques only to find out that they are out of business or sold.

Anyone know where I can find one of these or who handles them currently?

Are they sold specifically for applications with one enlarger or can they be used with several model of enlargers and different light sources (cold light and diffusion for example)?

Thanks in advance.

23-Jun-2004, 16:06
try this address meteredlight@yahoo.com or call calumet photo as they are the ones that sell the unit.


Don Cameron
23-Jun-2004, 18:00

Try <meteredlight.com> on the web. I know both of them well, and I don't think they are out of business. Carl (sales?) lives up in San Francisco, and Erik (the electronic guru) lives in Solvang over by Santa Barbara. They are a small (very) but good company, but are terrible about answering phone calls. I kid them about not needing the money? They also make a great spot meter. I own two of the Metrolux timers, and think they are the best on the market. Carl dropped off four Pocket Spotmeters at my last Zone class, and they were gone in a flash. They were within a 1/3rd of a stop of my modified Zone VI Pentax readings, and had a much longer range.

Good luck Don Cameron


Eric Woodbury
23-Jun-2004, 18:54
Thanks for watching out for us Don. Don is right, except he got his Cs and Ks switched. Should be Karl/Eric. Karl does sales and so does Calumet.

Our phone number is 415.452.9923 in San Francisco. Technical questions that are not answered in the manual should be referred to me. Make sure MetroLux or something like is in the subject line or you may look like spam.

Yes, we make a meter, too. Called Pocket Spot.

Info at meteredlight.com, including the instruction manual for the MetroLux.

Michael Kadillak
23-Jun-2004, 20:05
At a time when I was truly pondering the value of this forum, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful responses to my post and particularly a thank you for Don. You were all over this one.

I will call Eric in the morning and discuss my needs.