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23-Jun-2004, 13:42
Anyone know what's in the Zone VI paper developer? I've used it for years and would like to try something new. But first it would help to know what I've been using all these years.

Gem Singer
23-Jun-2004, 14:17
Hi Jeremy,

From what I have been told, Zone VI paper developer is an MQ formulation, similar to Dektol. However, it has an increased amount of hydroquinone. Probably also contains some benzotriazole restrainer.

23-Jun-2004, 16:27

Zone VI is actually a nice developer and very inexpensive.

If it has extra hydroquinone, I guess I can expect other developers such as ansco 130 or BW-65 to be softer than Zone VI.

Gem Singer
23-Jun-2004, 16:48

Are you looking for a softer developer, or a warm-toned developer?

Zone VI is a cold tone developer, as well as a higher contrast developer. Ansco 130 is a warm toned developer, with relatively high contrast. I don't know about BW-65.

You can find more information in Steve Anchell's book "The Darkroom Cookbook".

Robert C. McColloch
23-Jun-2004, 17:14
Zone VI developer is the same as Kodak's old D-73. I've used it for years and prefer it to Dektol.

Gem Singer
23-Jun-2004, 21:54

Would you happen to know if ZoneVI paper developer contains benzotriazole?

tim atherton
23-Jun-2004, 22:47
what do people think of glycin developers?

Mark Sampson
24-Jun-2004, 06:04
Tim, I have used the Zone VI paper developer for years, and like it. But Dektol 1:2 works well too. I did try Ansco (Formulary) 130 a few years back. It's a glycin developer, and this year I decided to try it again. Haven't had much leisure to print in the last 4 months but so far, my conclusions are the same. 130 is a nice developer, subtly warmer than ZVI or Dektol, but not a magic answer for perfect prints. The high cost and 3-minute development time suggest that when I use up what I have, I won't buy more. I also think that the cold-tone papers I prefer are not suceptible to changes in print developer, and will look much the same regardless- unlike warmer papers.

Gem Singer
24-Jun-2004, 07:49
Hi again Jeremy,

I looked up Photographer's Formulary BW-65 developer on their website. It is a Phenidone-Glycin developer. Judging from what they say, it is similar to Ansco 130, but in a liquid formulation.

It will probably result in warmer tones than Zone VI developer, due to the Glycin, but probably not be a softer working developer. Developers that contain Metol are usually softer working. BW-65 does not contain Metol.

The Formulary says it is one of their most popular developers. I just may give it a try. Personally, I prefer liquid developers and am sensitive to Metol. It may work out to be a good developer to use with Ilford Multigrade Warmtone FB paper.